Perfect for Summer Blueberry Banana Baked French Toast

Baked french toast takes a little bit of preparation the night before. Set up the dish and rest it overnight to allow the custard to soak deep into the bread. When you get up in the morning, slip the french toast into the oven. In less than an hour, you will have warm blueberry and banana goodness to serve to … Read More

The Most Delicious Crystal Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Got to go? No time for breakfast? Grab a Crystal Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie and you won’t have to worry about missing another important meal. Feel free to mix up the fruit and nut combination. Ingredients 170 g / 1 cup Crystal Margarine, room temperature 75 g / 1 cup Dark brown sugar 215 g / 1 cup Maple syrup 2 … Read More

The Nutiest Banana Espresso Muffins

Banana bread and café mocha meet in this moist, rich morning muffin. Be sure to use really ripe bananas — the darkest and brownest you can find. Ingredients 4 medium Bananas, peeled and mashed with a fork 115 g / 1⁄2 cup Crystal Margarine, room temperature 50 g / 1⁄4 cup Dark brown sugar, firmly packed 100 g / 1⁄2 … Read More

Healthy Whole Wheat Mocha Muffins

With the combination of cocoa, chocolate chips, and yogurt, you will hardly notice that these muffins are made with whole wheat flour. You can substitute whole wheat flour for all of the flour in the recipe, but a blend does help to lighten the texture of this rich muffin. Ingredients 110 g / 1⁄2 cup Crystal Margarine, cold 95 g … Read More

Gluten-Free Sweet Honey Pecan Muffins

When baking muffins, cakes, or anything else that has a light crumb texture, try using masa, a Mexican corn flour. Masa can be found either in the Mexican section of major grocery stores, or on the bottom shelf in the baking aisle with the other flours. Masa brings a slight nutty flavour to baked goods. Here it pairs well with … Read More

Simple On-The-Go Nutty Granola

Eating granola is a great way to start your day with a balanced mixture of protein, sugar, and healthy fats. It can be sprinkled on top of cereal, yogurt, and even salads. Granola keeps well in an airtight container, so make a large batch and keep it in the cereal cupboard. Ingredients 115 g / 1⁄3 cup Crystal Margarine, melted … Read More

The Berry Trail Mix You'll Want to Bring Everywhere

When you find yourself chauffeuring children to and from dance classes and hockey games, you will need a well-balanced snack to boost your energy so that you can keep up with their schedule. As a bonus, dried fruits are high in iron — perfect for those living an active lifestyle. Ingredients 60 g / 1⁄4 cup Crystal Margarine, melted 150 … Read More

Gluten-Free Almond Clusters That'll Transform Your Yogurt

Almonds are a great protein-rich snack, but sometimes they have a dry texture, and their flavour can become routine. These addictive clusters make snacking on almonds new and exciting with the addition of Crystal Margarine and brown sugar. Ingredients 115 g / 1⁄2 cup Crystal Margarine, melted 150 g / 3⁄4 cup Brown sugar 100 g / 1 cup Almonds, … Read More

Warm Right Up With Breakfast Fajitas

For mornings when you crave something savoury, try these fajita bundles bursting with fresh vegetables and scrambled eggs. Wrap the bottom half with parchment paper and you have a travelling breakfast of champions. Ingredients 60 g / 1⁄4 cup Crystal Margarine 1 Red bell pepper, seeds removed, cut into 1⁄2” strips 1 Yellow bell pepper, seeds removed cut, into 1⁄2” … Read More

Grilled Cheese with Quick Tomato Preserves

Grilled cheese is a staple in North-American households. The simple sandwich conjures up memories of lunch after a day of playing in the snow. This recipe is a little bit more grown up. The homemade ketchup will see you leaving the bottle of store-bought in the fridge. Ingredients 60 g / 1⁄4 cup Crystal Margarine, plus extra for spreading on … Read More