Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ingredients

crystal margarine

Check our ingredients page for a full list of ingredients . Our margarine is plant-based, and contains mostly Canola oil, grown right here in Canada. We’re proud to support thousands of Canadian farmers and their families.

Is Crystal Margarine safe for a celiac diet?

Yes! Our margarine contains no wheat, rye, barley, oats or triticale.

Is Crystal Margarine vegan?

Our plant-based margarine contains no animal products, so it is 100% vegan.

Can I buy Crystal Margarine in bulk?

Please get in touch with our sales team for any sales inquiries.

Is it true that margarine is just one molecule away from plastic?

No- this old myth is simply not true. There is no plastic in our margarine, or any margarine for that matter. In fact, margarine has a much closer molecular composition to butter, than any plastic!

Isn’t margarine just fat? How could eating fat be healthy?

Great question! The human body needs good fat in order to function. Health Canada recommends consuming 2-3 tbsp, or 22-55 grams, of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats per day, fats you’ll find in Crystal Margarine. This helps maintain heart-healthy habits. Click here to learn more about good fats vs bad fats.