Your Go-To Goji Berry Energy Bars

Goji berries are a thin, dried berry which has been used in Asia for centuries to help replenish energy and balance the body. How true is this? We can’t be sure, but one thing you can be sure of, is that these little berries taste delicious, and give your body a healthy balance of fibre and simple sugars.


  • 100 gm / ½ cup Dates, pitted and packed
  • 100 gm / ½ cup Apple sauce
  • 230 gm / 1½ cup Rolled oats, plus extra for topping
  • 60 gm / ¼ cup Crystal Margarine
  • 20 gm / ¼ cup Quinoa flour
  • 70 gm / ½ cup Goji berries
  • 70 gm / ½ cup Almonds
  • 20 gm / ¼ cup Sesame seeds
  • Pinch of Sea Salt


1. Brush the sides of a loaf pan with Crystal Margarine, and line with parchment paper. The margarine will help keep the parchment from moving around too much while you fill the pan.

2. In a food processor, chop the dates, and apple sauce until the dates are in small pieces and the mixture is wet.

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3. Add in the rolled oats, quinoa flour and Crystal margarine. Process until combined, scraping down the sides a few times with a rubber spatula.

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4. Finally add in the goji berries, almonds, sesame seeds and sea salt. Pulse, just until combined. At this point you should be able to make a ball that isn’t too sticky. If the mixture sticks to your hand too much, add in a touch more oats and mix again.

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5. Once the mixture is ready, press it into the prepared loaf pan so that it is flat and even, being sure to get into the corners.goji berry energy bar how to (7 of 8)

6. Sprinkle the top with extra sesame seeds to garnish before placing in the freezer for 15 minutes.

7. After the bars have set in the freezer, remove them and cut them immediately into 8-12 squares or bars.

8. Individually wrap each bar and store them in the freezer until ready to eat, or take on the road.

Chef Tips

  • If you don’t find these bars as sweet as you might like them, add in a tablespoon of honey with the dates and apple sauce.
  • These bars may be stored in the freezer, but they will be fine to travel all day. They will soften slightly outside of the freezer, so be gentle with them.